African Gourds

African Gourds

NGN 800.00

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Price NGN 800.00

Location 5 Berkeley street, ebute-meta, lagos, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Condition new


These gourds grow freely in the wild, and were intuitively used by our ancestors, as storage devices; before the advent of the colonialist to this part of the world. They were used to store water, palm-wine, palm-oil and herbal medications; and to serve foods and drinks etc,. They were creatively used as muscical instruments too, beads are strung all through the body. When the fingers hit the beads against the gourd, it gives a unique sound. These rich legacies and culture, remain with us today, despite the influence of western culture.

The three gourds depict three friends, unwind over some palm wine. The coral beads on them, are symbols of royalty.

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