Design, Supervision and Consulting Electrical Engineering for Building Services with building types such as office, residential, hotel, auditorium/hall, factory/warehouse, shopping mall, sport utility centre.


PathSolution Consultants, a design, consulting and supervising services firm, offer complete Consultancy Services in Electrical System for Medium Voltage (MV), Low Voltage (LV) and Extra Low Voltage (ELV) ranges.
We possess outstanding knowledge and experience in engineering planning, design and supervisory services for types of building such as Office, Residential, Hotel, Auditorium/hall, Industrial (factory/warehouse), Shopping mall, School, Hospital and Sport utility centre.

PathSolution Consultants can handle a variety of electrical needs for any sized project, from design and supervision to commissioning. Our Electrical Engineers are experienced in designing power distribution systems that will meet current day requirements as well as anticipating future needs. These systems range from a simple design to those requiring multiple distinct systems for normal and emergency power supply.
We are complimented by the resources and technical capabilities of our engineers, tailored to suit the needs of our clients, the issues pertinent to a proposed development and the outcomes sought.
Our design goal is geared towards producing energy-efficient, sustainable designs that is favourable to our environment and optimizes operating costs.

We offer delivery of conceptual design of Electrical Systems for Medium Voltage range including:
 Power distribution networking,
 Contract (Equipment) Specification,
 Preparation of Bills of Engineering Measurements and Evaluation, Estimates and Pricing Guide;
 Implementation of Contract Valuation and Variation measurement;

We offer delivery of conceptual and detail design of Electrical Systems for Low Voltage range including:
Lighting system for indoor and external spaces,
Power supply, Equipment and Distribution,
Earthing, Bonding and Lightning protection,
Emergency power supply- Generator sets & Central UPS;

and Extra Low Voltage range including:
Fire detection and (intruder) alarm system,
Closed circuit television (CCTV) Monitoring System,
Access control security,
Public Address System,
Data & passive structured network etc;

Other services are:
Preparation of Bills of Engineering Measurements and Evaluation,
Estimates, Cost control and Pricing Guide;
Contract Specification,
Project Planning, Implementation and Management;
Tender Processing, Appraisal and Administration;
Project Supervision, Testing and Commissioning.

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