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If you manage a daycare centre/crèche(0-2years), pre-nursery/playgroup(3-4years), Kindergarten/nursery(3-5years) school, your foremost desire is to satisfy your clients by giving their beloved children quality care when under your supervision and this can only be achieved with a team of well trained and/or experienced professional childcare providers.

However,we know that finding the right candidate for the job can be a daunting and frustrating task for most early years center owners. We also know its pretty expensive (financially, mentally etc) to invest in training every new staff that comes under your employ. These are a few reason why Icarella nanny Training Institute exists.

Our goal is to make early years experience better and more enjoyable for all children, regardless of their background or circumstances, by supporting the adults that are engaged with their learning and development.
And to support a common vision we share with center based childcare services, we have set up the “Nanny Internship Program”

What are the benefits of being a part of this program?

You have ample time to observe and test before you make a hiring decision
You are guaranteed to have already trained staff, saving you the investment cost
Interns paired with your facility will reside at close proximity guaranteeing early resumption which is key for operations
Even when you have enough staff at the moment, you get extra hands you don’t have to pay for!
You always have a ready replacement for the ‘high flight risk’ staff
You can now plan for expansion!

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