In October 2017, after the Tony Elumelu Foundation Forum, I volunteered to tour the beautiful city of Lagos with my new Zambian Friend(Kamota Mayondi). We share similar interest for photography, travel and tourism. We went to a couple of places like the Nike Art Gallery (The Largest Collection of Nigerian/African Arts in the World), the Lekki Conservation Centre and the Elegushi Beach. Prior to then, Kamota has never been to the Beach before. This made the thrilling experience of seeing the waves of the Ocean move back and forth an Indescribable moment for her. She said “There is No Beach in Zambia where I live”. That was the first time of seeing the Beach in real time. She was so delighted seeing and photographing the beautiful oceanic view of the beach.

We both walked on the beach shore, with completely different experiences. For me, it was just a regular and normal thing to be at the beach. For Kamota, the scenery was a #breathtaking #awesome reality.

The Lesson

Just then, It occurred to me that we take many things (from people to places), for granted because we're familiar with them. They aren't appreciate and enjoyed as amazing gifts from God. As Nigerians, Our diverse cultures, clothes, traditions and lifestyles are things we can delight in every single day. These are things we need to learn to love and cherish. Just like the book “Acres of Diamond”, we need not seek opportunities in the distance. They are within and around us.
This week, make a conscious effort to appreciate the things or people around you.

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