Hoxbridge Educational Services

Hoxbridge Educational Services is a recognised education agent – we help students arrange for successful admission at education institutions abroad. We are one of the fastest growing education service providers, always looking to set exemplary quality service standards. ​
We offer for
S​tandardized ​T​esting​ ​Registration and Preparation
Professional Development Programs
Study Visa/Permit Advisory
Undergraduate & Graduate Admission/Placement ​
Scholarship Advisory​

Global Student Recruitment
Organizing recruitment events - Spot admissions, counseling sessions, information seminars, education fairs etc.

Workplace Readiness Academy

The Workplace Readiness Academy’s vision is to solve the major challenges that hinder unemployment and employee job performance in the workplace.

We have put together a training that will prepare you for the workplace environment. Fresh graduates and new career entrants will be equipped with the know-how to be successful at work.

We are giving participants an opportunity to be exposed to ideas and skillsets which may not have been taught in school but are very essential in the work place.

A-Grade Educational Network

We connect parents to tutors and monitor learning to ensure the desired result is achieved.


RHODAN-VILLE SCHOOLS is an educational institution for K-12 pupils/students.
We offer learning as guided by the NERDC with a niche in STEAM and ROBOTICS for K-12 pupils/students.
Our Critical Success Factors
1. Kids do Hands-on STEAM activities from Age 4.
2. Kids can read effectively on or before 4&1/2years.
3. Kids learn and write with artful handwriting.
......and much more

Zadeking Music School

Zadeking Music School was founded to cater for  the need of music lovers who desire to build career in contemporary music (Hip hop, classical, Reggae, R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Rock, Highlife, Afrobeat,etc) by equipping them with an all encompassing music & business training. This is the reason the institute adopt what is called a flexible and dynamic curriculum (i.e. it constantly adjust it's training content & approach to align with global trends in contemporary music business also we sell music instruments.


KYCHINESE SERVICES is a company with interests in Education, Recruitment and Bulk supplies.

Master Kids Company

Master Kids Company is an online kids store that specialises in the sale of quality toys, educational materials, books ​, party favours, party bag fillers​and gift items for children from New Born to Age ​10

Bestsellers Bookmart

At the Bestsellers Bookmart, we transform the minds of people through leadership, business and christian books.

Motif photography

Creating memorable images and documenting time with photography.
Through our lens we capture special moments with true emotion and translate them into memories. We love to show real life. These are the moments we will treasure forever.
The best part of our job is that we get to interact and be a part of the fun.
Getting to know our clients, capturing real interactions, and telling their story, is what inspires us. Each shoot is unique and a new chance for us to share with others our passion for modern, documentary, candid style photography.


Icarella is a training and placement agency for Early Years Childcare providers (professional nannies)


Booksbrookng is an Online Educational Resource Store for adults (Parents and Teachers) and Children of the Early Years Foundation Stage. We provide Consultancy Services and trailinings, and learning focused tailored resources.

L'ecole Bells

Montessorishop is the manufacturing arm of L'ecole Bells Montessori (a school)