The Foodies Hive

#TheFoodiesHive offers amazing affordable food from all kinds of finger foods to sumptuous Nigerian dishes to all kinds of undecorated cakes.

@thefoodieshive affordability is key to them and so they offer a pack of Small Chops for as little as N400 & a plate of Jollof or Fried Rice, a small portion of Coleslaw or Plantain, Turkey for as little as N600.

They work with your budget to deliver delicious meals in a clean and hygienic environment, and their aim is to be your food plug at your birthdays, weddings, anniversary or any occasion.

They are your food Genie, your wish is their command!

Batusa Organic Foods Industry ltd

Makers of Infant cereals and Adult Staple meals ,made from locally grown grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits ,nuts and dates. Healthy and Nutritious

La Vesh cuisine enterprise

We are into indoor and outdoor catering services and event planning.

Resthouse Foods

Resthouse foods is dedicated at meeting the specific needs and cravings of Nigerian pastry lovers. We deal with the production and sale of small chops, Nigerian pastries and chin chin in varieties of unusual flavours.

Cocktails by Emerald

We are a Food and Beverage Outfit, Our services includes but not limited to;
Small Chops
Tea Breaks
Finger Foods
Supply and Chilling of drinks
Training etc


We make delicious cakes for Celebrations and finger foods e.g Chinchin, Chocolate chip cookies, Small chops etc. Also, we brand and deliver unique and affordable souvenirs, gift items, home items , decor and kiddies party packs .


We are registered with cac and incorporated 2012 but kicked off business in 2017. We are into providing quality food and drinks . the brands - kaysdrinks is into natures haven zobo with a rich blend of natural spices,produced and processed in the most hygienic environment . we have various flavors and its wholesome nutrients is very rich and good for our health. Exciting flavours available for kids and adults alike. We serve also cocktails, chapman and mocktails .

Tasty deli

Retailer of fresh local food stuff for those particular about what they eat

Cloud10 foods

We make the Most Delicious Nigerian Delicacies, Breakfast Services, Healthy and Natural Drinks (Zobo, Kunu & Tigernut Drinks)

Kezia Foods Limited

Kezia Greek yogurt is thick, creamy, usually low fat, with probiotic (active and live culture), freshly made and healthy; with lots of fresh fruits, dry fruits and various nuts toppings that make each spoon a memorable experience. You would love it, absolutely!!!

Party Coolers

At Party Coolers, we supply, chill and serve drinks at your events. We do not just serve but we provide you with great service and satisfaction making your event memorable and colorful. is a healthy brand that brings you organic natural juices, smoothies, parfaits, fruit cups and for a healthier you.

Megabite Shawarma

MegaBite Shawarma has gone the extra mile to create Great tasting meals including shawarma, burgers, salads, grilled kebabs and vegetarian meals. We also cater to Events such as Weddings, Birthdays, Seminars, Public and private programs etc. Delivery available within Lagos.

Global Sales and Distribution Company Limited

OIL LAND is a service through which we provide you unadulterated natural oils for cooking, body and hair beauty (essential oils) and butters. Currently we have in stock: Pure wild honey, fresh palm oil (milled in Akwa Ibom) coconut oil, morninga oil and frangranced Shea butter.

Core TransAfrica Trades

We deal in wholesale and Retail of goods and services

Berach venture

We are experts in making scintillating small chops for all events

Cakesbyreenie Confectionery

Cakesbyreenie Confectionery is an online based cake store that provides freshly baked tasty cakes and cupcakes with the freshest recipes in the local market,cakesbyreenie confectionery provides an excellent services in customer service,professional handling of customer orders,packaging and prompt delivery services.
Just because we understand the effect a good cake can have on people's' taste buds,we go the extra mile in helping to create a memorable event.,think good cakes think cakesbyreenie confectionery.

Beloved Foods

We package organic foodstuffs in a convenient and hygienic manner that saves cooking time and ensure freshness .

Tilly’s Signature

Culinary Services, Catering and Confection

Archers Farms Limited


Savouritz Ventures ( TEEZIE ZOBO DRINK)Brand name

Teezie refreshing Zobo drinks in 5 different flavors

365 homes and kitchens