we are an art and design entity, providing creative solutions, that transform the ambience and aesthetics of homes and offices, (private and public space). Sculpture, Painting, Graphics and Web-Design.
SCULPTURE (interior & exterior)
* Statue
* Bust
* Relief (wall)
* Wrought iron furniture's
* Water fountain
* School furniture
* Plaster of Paris (decorative ornamentation for Building construction \columns

* Portraiture (Oil-Paint)
* Captivating composition

* Logo and branding

Pison Tipping Point Ltd.

The Company's name is Pison Tipping Point Limited which has two arms (for now) viz.: Pison Mart that deals with supply of items to malls/stalls/supermarkets; plan is already in place for the packing and export of palm oil. The 2nd arm, PTP provides: HR consulting/services, Manpower supply, Project Manage and Training

Dubicon Global Concepts Limited

Dubicon Global Concepts Limited is a Nigerian company that specialise in supply of plumbing and general building materials for industrial, estate and personal use. we offer wide range of products which include and not limited to 'PPR' pipes, 'PVC' pipes, 'HDPE' pipes, sanitary wares, tiles, stone coated roofing sheets etc. Our network of business covers the 36 states of the federation and FCT

Marbles Travels and Logistics Ltd

One stop travel shop, local and international ticket/Hotel reservations at very low prices. 24hrs service. Personalized service.

Kolo by Denike

We make traditional money boxes,to encourage people,old and young to imbibe the saving culture of old.


We make Leather Slippers, Sandals for all mankind and Print Ankara Slippers for ladies.